Fabric & Pattern Designer


Erin Donohoe is an illustrator and professional designer based in Surrey.

She has trained at prestigious University Creative Arts in Fashion Design and Illustration at Chelsea College of Arts.


Erin has been working as a fashion and surface print design for 12 years, specialising in ethical fashion and working with companies such as WWF where her design talent can expand further than just design, but having a positive impact on the environment we live in today. 


As an artist, Erin's work is reflective of what she sees day to day, and responds with her unapologetically naive art style, to bring a message of change in a way that makes people smile. 



October 2019

Finalist for Womankind Inaugural Illustration Award October 2019. Featured Chloris Goddess of Flowers gouache painting in the November issue of Womankind Magazine.


September 2019

'The Barbican' oil pastel illustration of the Barbican selected for Chelsea College of Art Short Courses Exhibition. 

Interview with Erin Donohoe can be viewed here.

Artist In Residence

October 2019 - January 2020

Erin has been invited by Woking College Of Art and Design to be their A.I.R. Developing her new collection of illustrations inspired by 'Hope'.


University Creative Arts studying Fashion Design

Chelsea College of Art studying Illustration

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